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Benefits of Hemp: Everything from foods to fuel!

As you probably already know, all the CBD products sold on this website are created with CBD derived from industrial hemp. What you may not know if that industrial hemps usefulness expands even further than the cannabinoids that are present within. Hemp can be grown as a renewable source of raw materials that can be incorporated into thousands of products.

Hemp Seed:

The hemp seed can be broken down into three different components that are utilized in a variety of products which are the nut, oil and cake. Left intact a single table spoon of hemp seeds contains about 5g of protein which makes them a great addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. If you’d like it to take hemp seeds a step further, the nut can be used in bread, granola or cereal, milk or other dairy products and protein powder. The cake can be used in products such as animal food and flour – a great substitute for those who suffer from celiac or similar ailments which renders them gluten intolerant. Meanwhile, hemp seed oil can be utilized in even more ways such as – fuel, lubricants, ink, body products, cosmetics and more.

Hemp Stalk:

Like the hemp seed, hemp stalks can be broken down into three components as well, the hurd, bast fiber and stalk. Not only are hemp stalks one source of the fibers utilized in clothing and other textiles but they can even be used in building material such as concrete! Hempcrete was created from a combination of hemp hurds (woody material found in the center of the hemp stalk) and lime, it’s easier to work with than traditional materials and acts as an insulator and moisture regulator making it a perfect solution for nearly any climate. Bast fiber is what's used when making an array of products such as netting, canvas, carpet, clothes and shoes – just to name a few. Then we’re left with the stalk which is impressive as well since the stalk can create a more environmentally friendly form of cardboard, biofuel/ethanol and other paper products.

We’ve only touched on just a few alternative uses of hemp here today, take some times and see what you can find. The more we spread the word about hemp and its benefits – whether it be medicinal or environmental – the better it will be for everyone. Considering a crop of hemp plants can produce 2 – 3x more product and requires minimal amounts of water compared to cotton, grows exorbitantly faster than trees, making hemp plants far more environmentally friendly, it’s about time we take advantage this amazing plant.