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CBD for Pets

Like humans our pets contain an endocannabinoid system meaning they are receptive to cannabinoids such as CBD and are fully able to reap the benefits just like you and I! This isn’t just limited to cats and dogs however, all mammals are equipped with an endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids, especially CBD, have the potential to treat various medical problems that your pets may experience in a non-toxic way.

THC may be harmful to pets considering it can cause psychoactive effects – leaving your pet to feel potentially distraught. Treats and tinctures intended for your pet’s consumption use CBD derived from hemp leaving them below the legal limit of .3% THC thus rendering them safe for your furry friends and giving pet owners peace of mind that they won’t unintentionally get their pet “stoned”.

The idea of your loving four-legged companion suffering from ailments due to age or injury is one that most pet owners rather not think about and just like humans, our pets are prescribed medications to treat these ailments that can come with serious side effects as well as a hefty bill. Testimonials online from owners who have tried CBD for their pets list observing relief from arthritis pain, anxiety, cancer pain and seizures.

These statements are not intended to sway pet owners from seeking professional medical care, rather to incorporate alternative medicines such as CBD into your pet’s daily life in order to offer them a chance at a pain and anxiety-free life that could lead to far less dire vet visits down the line.