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Green House CBD: Re-Think How You See CBD Liquid

This week we’re going to change it up a bit and tell our customers a little more about the CBD vape/sublingual (created with food grade VG - thus safe to consume orally) we offer called Green House CBD. Green House was formulated by the same people who created some of the most popular e-juice lines such as Classics, So Yum and Zoo Crew (to name a few).

In fact, Harvest and Solar were both based off the best-selling flavors from the Classics Collection and Elegant Beast allowing the user to experience the rich flavors associated with premium quality e-juice as oppose to the somewhat off-putting flavors that is sometimes associated with vape products and sublingual’s that contain CBD.

Aside from the flavor profile, Green House CBD also stands apart from the rest because it the immaculate test results that have been produced by the finished product as well as the 99.9% pure CBD isolate that is utilized.

Cultivated from industrial hemp in the state of Colorado, the CBD in Green House is 100% legal and protected by the Farm Bill. Grown and cultivated with research grants, and backed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. After Green House is produced, we use a third-party laboratory to test for potency and pesticides, perform a microbio screening, and complete a residual solvent analysis - which can be viewed on the Green House product page here on The CBD Plug by clicking here

Give Green House a try and you’ll see exactly what separates us from the rest.