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Why Does Cannabis Affect People Differently?

Have you noticed that cannabis may produce different effects for you compared to your friends or family? Whether you’re consuming products containing high amounts of CBD, THC, or any of the other numerous cannabinoids found in all forms of cannabis there’s probably been some disparity from person to person in terms of effectiveness. You may have read success stories online or heard from a friend that taking CBD has helped them overcome their anxiety, drastically reduced pain, or perhaps they felt little to no change, well, there are scientific reasons behind the wide-spread claims. Going back to 1964, shortly after Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist, discovered psychoactive THC he decided to test out its effects on his friends. He dosed...

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How to Boost CBD's Bioavailability

There are many variations when it comes to CBD’s bioavailability once it’s been consumed. Only a certain percentage will produce active effects which relies strongly on the manner in which you consume CBD. There are two main reasons why this happens which relate to the way CBD metabolizes in your body. First, CBD isn’t water soluble thus CBD does not like to stay in the bloodstream. Instead, it diffuses outward and accumulates into your fatty tissues. This significantly reduces the amount of bioactive CBD that enters your systemic circulation, permitting less CBD to be carried to the active sites throughout your body. Second, when an organic compound like CBD enters your gut, it must pass through the liver before it...

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