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Using CBD to Help with Weight Loss

Losing weight is a common goal amongst Americans and people throughout the world. With obesity rates rising, more and more people are making conscious decisions to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Weight loss trends are rampant, marketed practically everywhere from radio to television and social media. Many claim to be the ultimate key to fast weight loss with minimal effort but with so many options who’s to say what is truly most effective and most importantly which is the safest route to your desired weight? Obviously, proper diet and exercise has always been and will continue to be the best route for burning fat, building muscle, and keeping your body in optimum performance but for those seeking additional...

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Is CBD from Hemp the Same as CBD from MMJ?

A common question amongst people interested in the benefits of CBD and those already versed in the MMJ community is whether CBD from hemp is as good as CBD from marijuana. It is a common misconception that hemp-derived CBD is considered “less potent” or not as effective but it should come as no surprise the similarities between hemp and marijuana since they are both versions of Cannabis Sativa. On a molecular level, CBD from hemp is exactly the same as CBD from marijuana. The body does not care where the CBD comes from since it cannot tell the difference. This is amazing considering all the people who have limited to no access to state-approved medical marijuana now have the ability...

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