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What is PG and is it Safe to Vape?

With the popularity of CBD e-liquids growing more and more there has been some debate as to whether one of the key ingredients in a majority of CBD liquids, i.e Propylene glycol (PG), is safe for consumption. While the debate is still active there have been many discussions regarding the safety of PG and we're here to provide some more information so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Propylene glycol is a synthetic organic compound with the chemical formula C3H8O2 and is colorless, clear, and practically odorless. PG can be found in everything from pharmaceuticals to food, cosmetics, and even anti-freeze. But wait! Anti-freeze.. that can't be safe for human consumption. The most logical way to view this concern is...

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Make Your Voice Heard! The FDA is Seeking Input on CBD

This article originally appeared on The United Nations is trying to figure out how to categorize cannabidiol(CBD), a non-psychoactive and medically beneficial cannabinoid contained in cannabis. And UN officials, through the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are asking for your help. FDA officials put out a call for comments in this morning’s Federal Register, seeking information about CBD and how the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) should designate it under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. In doing so, the FDA acknowledged the ‘beneficial’ effects CBD has shown in patients with neurological disorders. All those who have information on, or experience with, the use of CBD as a healing substance are encouraged to comment at this federal website. Sept. 13...

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Can CBD Be the Key to Fighting Acne Naturally?

Having acne is never a pleasant experience, in severe cases impacting people’s quality of life causing those who suffer from it to feel insecure thus leading to a lack of socialization and even scarring after the fact. Many people go to extensive lengths for treatment such as topical and oral medications or various therapies such as chemical peels and even steroid injections. With these treatments come the risk of moderate to severe side effects – one extreme example being birth defects caused by Accutane if used while pregnant which is prescribed in the most severe acne cases. For those looking for a less intense and more natural form of acne fighting CBD is a good place to start. Acne is...

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Can CBD Help Kick Your Nicotine Addiction?

In 2013 a double-blind, placebo-controlled study took place in which 24 smokers were randomly chosen to receive either an inhaler of CBD or a placebo. Inclusion criteria were that participants smoked >10 cigarettes per day, and expressed an intention to quit smoking using a brief screen. Participants were asked to take a puff every time they had an urge to puff a cigarette. Over the week, those with placebo inhalers saw no change in their total number of cigarettes consumed, while those who were taking CBD saw a nearly 40 percent drop in their intake. Using the inhaler decreased the number of cigarettes without increasing their craving for nicotine, pointing towards a purpose for cannabidiol in the withdrawal process. “Other...

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