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Can CBD Be the Key to Fighting Acne Naturally?

Having acne is never a pleasant experience, in severe cases impacting people’s quality of life causing those who suffer from it to feel insecure thus leading to a lack of socialization and even scarring after the fact. Many people go to extensive lengths for treatment such as topical and oral medications or various therapies such as chemical peels and even steroid injections. With these treatments come the risk of moderate to severe side effects – one extreme example being birth defects caused by Accutane if used while pregnant which is prescribed in the most severe acne cases. For those looking for a less intense and more natural form of acne fighting CBD is a good place to start. Acne is...

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Finding the Right CBD Dosage

The most common question anyone new to CBD has is – how much CBD should I be taking? With such a simple question one would anticipate to be presented with a straight forward answer but with the wide range of CBD products available in terms of strength it is not as simple as a single recommendation for all consumers. Today we’re going to focus on consuming CBD tinctures and how to help find the proper dosage for anyone new to consuming CBD. When consuming a sublingual the liquid should be dropped under the tongue and held in the mouth without swallowing for around 60 seconds. When CBD oil is consumed sublingually it is absorbed in the mucous membranes making it...

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What's the best way to take CBD? A guide to different methods.

When it comes to CBD there are many questions people have, one of the most asked is what’s the best way to use CBD? With so many options available it can be quite overwhelming, especially since CBD works differently for everyone. For example, some people find vaping CBD the most beneficial while others swear by a topical applied directly to the afflicted area works the best. There is no right or wrong answers, it all comes down to preference of consumption. We’re going to break down the most popular ways of using CBD to help our customers decide what may be right for them.   Vaping / dabbing: One of the most popular ways to consume CBD mainly because of...

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