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What is PG and is it Safe to Vape?

With the popularity of CBD e-liquids growing more and more there has been some debate as to whether one of the key ingredients in a majority of CBD liquids, i.e Propylene glycol (PG), is safe for consumption. While the debate is still active there have been many discussions regarding the safety of PG and we're here to provide some more information so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Propylene glycol is a synthetic organic compound with the chemical formula C3H8O2 and is colorless, clear, and practically odorless. PG can be found in everything from pharmaceuticals to food, cosmetics, and even anti-freeze. But wait! Anti-freeze.. that can't be safe for human consumption. The most logical way to view this concern is...

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Guide to Finding the Best CBD E-Liquid

Vaping CBD is considered to be one of the most beneficial methods of consumption due to its bioavailability and quick acting relief. Finding the right product can be somewhat overwhelming especially when you're not sure exactly what makes a quality product. We're here to help! If you've never purchased CBD e-liquids before or haven't been pleased with the ones you've previously tried this guide will guarantee that you find the highest quality products available on the market. The first thing you should take note of is whether the liquid is homogeneous. The liquid should be the same throughout meaning it is well mixed and uniform. There should be no clouds, crystals, or separation. If there is this could be evidence of CBD recrystallization or oil separation which...

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MCT vs Hemp Oil vs VG/PG – What do they do?

You’ve probably been curious what the extra ingredients in your CBD products are, what they do, and whether they can affect the quality or effectiveness of whatever products you’re looking to purchase. Aside from any additional flavorings or anything else included nearly ever CBD tincture contains a carrier some type of carrier liquid which is what the CBD is dissolved into when using isolate. MCT Oil: Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are partially man-made fats. The name refers to the way the carbon atoms are arranged in their chemical structure. A common source of MCTs is coconut or palm kernel oil, as approximately two-thirds of the fatty acids in it are MCTs. MCT oil is a food-grade oil that acts as...

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Finding the Right CBD Dosage

The most common question anyone new to CBD has is – how much CBD should I be taking? With such a simple question one would anticipate to be presented with a straight forward answer but with the wide range of CBD products available in terms of strength it is not as simple as a single recommendation for all consumers. Today we’re going to focus on consuming CBD tinctures and how to help find the proper dosage for anyone new to consuming CBD. When consuming a sublingual the liquid should be dropped under the tongue and held in the mouth without swallowing for around 60 seconds. When CBD oil is consumed sublingually it is absorbed in the mucous membranes making it...

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Green House CBD: Re-Think How You See CBD Liquid

This week we’re going to change it up a bit and tell our customers a little more about the CBD vape/sublingual (created with food grade VG - thus safe to consume orally) we offer called Green House CBD. Green House was formulated by the same people who created some of the most popular e-juice lines such as Classics, So Yum and Zoo Crew (to name a few). In fact, Harvest and Solar were both based off the best-selling flavors from the Classics Collection and Elegant Beast allowing the user to experience the rich flavors associated with premium quality e-juice as oppose to the somewhat off-putting flavors that is sometimes associated with vape products and sublingual’s that contain CBD. Aside from...

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