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The Future of CBD in Indiana is Looking Brighter Than Ever

For the past several months the legality of CBD in Indiana has been a rollercoaster. The Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill had declared that it was illegal to sell CBD products in Indiana regardless of THC content and the use of CBD was limited to a select few individuals who suffered from treatment-resistant epilepsy which had to be registered with the state. But now, with House Bill 1214 on its way to Senate, there is hope for those living in the state who had previously used or are looking to purchase CBD products. The bill will do away with the state registry and allow Indiana residents to sell, purchase, and use CBD products for any reason as long as the products are compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill, meaning they contain less than .3% THC.

Pushing for legalization are representatives such as Republican state Senator Jim Tomes who's goal is provide those living in Indiana a clear understanding of the legality of CBD. This is great news, ever since CBD products have hit the mainstream there has been constant confusion as to whether they can be sold across state lines, to the general public, and in states with or without medical marijuana and recreational laws. There have been several raids conducted on shops located within the state, and throughout the US, where CBD products have been seized. Naturally, this makes shop owners and customers alike wary of offering and purchasing products in these areas.

"When we're done, CBD will be as easy to obtain as baby aspirin(s)," said Tomes.  The Indiana House voted unanimously in favor of legalizing CBD, 93-0.