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What is PG and is it Safe to Vape?

With the popularity of CBD e-liquids growing more and more there has been some debate as to whether one of the key ingredients in a majority of CBD liquids, i.e Propylene glycol (PG), is safe for consumption. While the debate is still active there have been many discussions regarding the safety of PG and we're here to provide some more information so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Propylene glycol is a synthetic organic compound with the chemical formula C3H8O2 and is colorless, clear, and practically odorless. PG can be found in everything from pharmaceuticals to food, cosmetics, and even anti-freeze. But wait! Anti-freeze.. that can't be safe for human consumption. The most logical way to view this concern is...

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The Future of CBD in Indiana is Looking Brighter Than Ever

For the past several months the legality of CBD in Indiana has been a rollercoaster. The Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill had declared that it was illegal to sell CBD products in Indiana regardless of THC content and the use of CBD was limited to a select few individuals who suffered from treatment-resistant epilepsy which had to be registered with the state. But now, with House Bill 1214 on its way to Senate, there is hope for those living in the state who had previously used or are looking to purchase CBD products. The bill will do away with the state registry and allow Indiana residents to sell, purchase, and use CBD products for any reason as long as the products are...

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Sublingual CBD: What's the Point?

Since we addressed in our last blog post how to use CBD isolate to make sublingual oil, we're taking the opportunity to break down the benefits of taking CBD sublingually. When talking about methods of consumption a good place to start is addressing the product's bioavailability which refers to the portion of a drug or other substance that enters the body's circulation in order to have an active effect. When using CBD or any products for that matter, you are looking for maximum bioavailability. So how can we maximize CBD's bioavailability? This is where sublingual use comes into play.  Take a look at the diagram below, this shows what happens to a substance when taken orally.  The substance, or CBD in this case, has...

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CBD DIY: Using Isolate to Make Your Own Tinctures

There has been a rise in CBD users choosing to go the DIY route, creating their own CBD tinctures, edibles, and more, in order to cut costs and have more control over their doses. If you're interested in diving into the do-it-yourself world which seems to have taken over the internet in recent years then we're happy to help guide you through what you'll need and how to turn your CBD isolate into a sublingual tincture! First, you will need to start with your CBD. Here at The CBD Plug, we offer +99% pure CBD isolate, sourced from one of the largest USDA certified organic hemp farms in the United States. The amount of CBD you will need depends on how...

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CBD Poses No Public Health Risks or Potential for Abuse According to WHO Report

According to a recent report filed by the World Health Organization's (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependents the use of naturally occurring CBD, found in cannabis, is well tolerated by the body and not associated with any potential health risks. In addition the authors of this report also admit that CBD "exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential". This can likely be attributed to the fact that while CBD offers the potential of relief from various ailments it does activate the CB1 or CB2 receptors thus producing no psychoactive effects. The WHO also addresses CBD's medicinal effects, stating that "CBD has been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials" as well as saying that there is...

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