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Guide to Finding the Best CBD E-Liquid

Vaping CBD is considered to be one of the most beneficial methods of consumption due to its bioavailability and quick acting relief. Finding the right product can be somewhat overwhelming especially when you're not sure exactly what makes a quality product. We're here to help! If you've never purchased CBD e-liquids before or haven't been pleased with the ones you've previously tried this guide will guarantee that you find the highest quality products available on the market. The first thing you should take note of is whether the liquid is homogeneous. The liquid should be the same throughout meaning it is well mixed and uniform. There should be no clouds, crystals, or separation. If there is this could be evidence of CBD recrystallization or oil separation which...

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Methods of CBD Extraction

In order to produce CBD rich cannabis oil, you first need to start with hemp high in CBD. There are numerous methods of extraction which are utilized to the countless CBD companies today and each has their own pros and cons on a manufacturing level, however, when executed properly, can produce CBD rich oil for various types of products. The two most popular methods are CO2 Extraction and Ethanol Extraction. CO2 extraction. The supercritical CO2 method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate, preserve, and maintain the purity of the medicinal oil. This process requires expensive equipment and a steep operational learning curve. But, when done well the end product is safe, potent, and free of chlorophyll. Ethanol. High-grade grain alcohol can...

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Why Does Cannabis Affect People Differently?

Have you noticed that cannabis may produce different effects for you compared to your friends or family? Whether you’re consuming products containing high amounts of CBD, THC, or any of the other numerous cannabinoids found in all forms of cannabis there’s probably been some disparity from person to person in terms of effectiveness. You may have read success stories online or heard from a friend that taking CBD has helped them overcome their anxiety, drastically reduced pain, or perhaps they felt little to no change, well, there are scientific reasons behind the wide-spread claims. Going back to 1964, shortly after Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist, discovered psychoactive THC he decided to test out its effects on his friends. He dosed...

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Make Your Voice Heard! The FDA is Seeking Input on CBD

This article originally appeared on The United Nations is trying to figure out how to categorize cannabidiol(CBD), a non-psychoactive and medically beneficial cannabinoid contained in cannabis. And UN officials, through the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are asking for your help. FDA officials put out a call for comments in this morning’s Federal Register, seeking information about CBD and how the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) should designate it under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. In doing so, the FDA acknowledged the ‘beneficial’ effects CBD has shown in patients with neurological disorders. All those who have information on, or experience with, the use of CBD as a healing substance are encouraged to comment at this federal website. Sept. 13...

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CBD Proves Successful in Trial for Dravet Syndrome

Results from the first randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial of CBD for Dravet syndrome has been released and shows that CBD can help alleviate seizures for those diagnosed with this syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a rare, lifelong form of epilepsy that beings in infancy with frequent and/or prolonged seizures. Dravet syndrome affects 1 in 15,700 individuals, severely impacting the quality of life and requiring the individual to be under constant care. Current treatment options are extremely limited. "A total of 108 patients successfully completed the 14-week treatment period that included “randomization” (50% entered the placebo group and 50% entered the cannabidiol group), a 2-week titration up to the desired dose, and a 12 week maintenance period. After this blind...

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